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The Sports Massage is a form of deep tissue massage

Need Sports massage in Groningen?

Wisewomanfitness uses certain soft tissue techniques to mobilise and manipulate muscles. Its main purpose is to speed up healing, relieve pain, allow full range of joint motion or maintain muscle and joint health.

This type of massage is beneficial for both injuries and long term, chronic problems such as neck, back and pelvic girdle pain.

Initially developed to help athletes prevent injuries and to improve sports, however, sports massage has evolved into supporting both athletes and everyday people, as repetitive use injury, strain and pains are now seen in new mothers, desk professionals and for those whose work involves the use, and overuse of certain joints and muscles.


Good examples of this are hair dressers, servers and construction workers.

So it turns out that we are all athletes of life and the same principles apply to the average person, as they do to athletes. Repetitive everyday activities, such as sitting at a desk, typing on a computer and holding a baby can all result in pain and even injury.

Sports Massage Benefits: stretches soft tissue, improves range of motion, relieves muscle tension and pain, supports good posture, improves muscle flexibility, reduces muscle spasm, reduces swelling, increases blood and lymph flow, increases supply of oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissue, stimulates nervous system, removes waste products, relieves tension and anxiety, improves sleeping, stimulates physical activity, improves  self-awareness by monitoring your own condition.

Sports massage stretches soft tissue improves range of motion relieves muscle tension and pain supports good posture improves muscle flexibility reduces muscle spasm reduces swelling increases blood and lymph flow stimulates nervous system removes waste products relieves tension and anxiety improves sleeping stimulates physical activity improves self-awareness by monitoring your own condition improves self-awareness by monitoring your own condition

Pregnancy massage in Groningen

As an expertly trained pregnancy massage specialist, the Wise Woman Body coach provides a pregnancy massage service in Groningen to help you to feel your best and target any pregnancy-related aches and pains safely and effectively.

We offer treatments and packages so you can be supported throughout your pregnancy.

Our Remedial Pregnancy Massage is individually tailored to your needs. Whether the emphasis is more on relaxation or to targeting a specific problem, you will always leave feeling revived.

It is ideal for pelvic girdle pain, back and neck and shoulder pain, swelling, general aches and pains, anxiety and low mood. Choose from a full body massage or a shorter treatment for a target area.

To achieve maximum benefits of this therapy regular treatments are recommend.

pregnancy massage

Mobility Exercise in Pregnancy can also be highly beneficial alongside pregnancy massage for relieving common pregnancy ailments  – unless there is medical reason not to.

The treatments taken place in Groningen. Each massage is tailored to your individual needs and is adapted throughout the trimesters to ensure you are comfortable.

pregnant-woman-getting a massage

Treatments suitable from 19 days to 12 months+ postnatal

Whether you have the need for a shorter visit or something lengthier.

In Groningen we offer the option of 60-minute and 90-minute treatments and packages so you can be supported throughout your postnatal recovery. 

Postnatal Massage Groningen

As a fully qualified Postnatal massage specialist in Groningen I have worked with hundreds of women, who have come to me with common complaints of lower back pain, upper shoulder tightness and tightness around the pelvic girdle. 

This led me to create MUM®, a massage that is designed to unlock the blocks and tightness that occurs from pregnancy and beyond, into motherhood.

Wise Woman Wellness provides a remedial massage service to target the areas impacted by pregnancy changes, the birth and early postnatal period safely and effectively.

Every MUM® massage begins with an intake, account of birthing details and a postnatal assessment of abdominal, postural and pelvic floor muscles, and includes breath work. 

A specialist C-section recovery massage  appointment and additional services are also available.

These  treatments are fully endorsed by midwifes here in Groningen and Winsum, as well as local physiotherapists.



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