Core Heat

Total Body Core Heat

Explore fat loss from your core and pelvic floor 


Once you’ve reconnected with your inner pelvic floor strength,  Core Heat® is your next step!

.It is here we take it up a notch or two with a change in intensity and tempo to get you moving from your inner power, your core and pelvic floor muscles. 

My unique program utilises cardio, strength training, yoga, mobility and resistance to improve your movement, power and connection to your core. 

This workout hits all the fat loss markers and jump-starts your metabolism to keep you burning calories hours after your exercise session.

You learn how to move dynamically and safely for a lifetime. You’ll have fun!


How does the Core Heat programme get results?

This unique total body, low to high impact program, works because it is designed to get your body moving in planes (directions), often neglected and uses smaller muscles that support your body in both strengthening and activating your core and pelvic floor muscles. When you work these neglected areas, your body responds by becoming more efficient, therefore burning more calories/fat and a total connection is made throughout your systems. This program works you smarter not harder!

outdoor heat class

Join us online on ZOOM Saturday mornings at 10:15 in the comfort of your home. Soon, we will meet again outside! Updates to come.

Be well. Be Wise. Be Wonderful. 

Or just and make up your mind..



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