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C-Section-recovery at Wise woman fitness

It doesn’t matter how long ago you had a C-section type incision or for what reason, our Massage therapist in Groningen can help.

If you are experiencing discomfort in any way, then our C-Section Scar Recovery Programme will give you the freedom and the feelings back to your body, more than many thought possible.

It has become the norm to see women with one or multiple C-section scars in the modern world, and many more women will experience the procedure throughout their lives for other gynaecological procedures other than childbirth.

Our scar massage can support the healing process. You will start to see results after your first few sessions.


Most clients will contact us within 6 weeks to 8 weeks after birth to find care for their first appointment

At this time there is no real guidance on the do’s and don’ts after a C-section, nor is there information on how to heal successfully from such a major operation.

There is also a lack of support on core muscle re-connection and dealing with the soft tissue issues such as adhesion and C-section scar tissue. 

Following the birth of your baby, the surgery scar can be challenging for many women and their bodies, and often a deeper approach is required to ensure that that recovery is beneficial. Use our post-natal programme, and you could start to see results within days.

Thanks to the continual rise of gynaecological conditions that need scar procedures, as well as the increase in hysterectomies for menopausal women, the need for a holistic approach is more critical than ever for their scar tissue.

We help our clients to start their safe journey to better pelvic health and healing from the inside out using smart, modern movement massage programming to get your core fit and functioning again

Who is the c-section scar rehabilitation programme for?

If you can relate to any of the following issues, then the Rehabilitation Programme after birth is the perfect fit


You experience pain or discomfort around your scar


You want to get rid of your C-section scar tissue pouch


You feel disconnected to your tummy


You’ve noticed a change in your bowel movements


You want to learn more about your caesarean section, core, overall health

Back pain

You suffer from lower back pain and have been told it’s due to a weak core


You experience the odd leak when you jump, sneeze, cough, laugh or run


Your scar tissue hurts after lifting or exercise


You want a better looking belly and know it takes more than a few sit-ups

Our programmes are bespoke as we appreciate that there is no one-size-fits-all scar massage

How does the rehabilitation programme get results?

Following an in-depth assessment of your core strength and connection, we create a unique programme to suit your individual needs no matter how long ago you have had a section scar.

This will include scar massage therapy, nutrition, scar tissue release, postural re-alignment work, and finally, our core restoring exercises.

By your first appointment, you’ll know we care about you and that is the place that’s going to help!   

Renee Casselman is a specialist and highly experienced!

We understand that after-birth caesarean section scar mothers need more support, and your coach, Renee Casselman is a specialist and highly experienced in working with pelvic health in the Groningen area. 

She will assist you in your deep recovery work, and in return, you’ll be able to build impressive, fully functional abdominals within weeks.

Every visit will bring you closer to feeling like yourself again for your body, your baby, and the rest of your family. So pick a date and join us.

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