Where is my core?

Let’s get educated ladies. We have a source of power and I want to help you get connected to it…..

Why are women complaining of backaches, loss of urine, feeling unstable in the pelvic floor, unable to move properly?  Is it mobility issues, post-natal pains, or pelvic floor and core issues? The answer lies somewhere in all of these examples, but often overlooked, is how disconnected and unaware of their bodies each women seems to feel.  

When women come to me, it’s more of an education than training or massage session. How she is breathing determines how she is connecting to her core muscles.  If she is not breathing well,   often she  feels a disconnect from the top and bottom halves of her body. She is not supporting herself, using her powerhouse, the deeper core and pelvic floor muscles.

My biggest challenge, is guiding women into their bodies, asking them to connect to the deep pelvic muscles.  I do this in a personal and very intimate session, using a holistic approach, created for women and by women.

Most women know more about their phones than their bodies. 

My coaching offers women the time to learn about their bodies, reconnect to their pelvic floors,  and deeper core muscles, as well as just to  tell their stories. To be heard. To take that time so needed to rebuild and reconnect to the parts of themselves given so freely to motherhood, work and modern life.

Taking the time to educate the women who come see me, to bring them back into their bodies and power, to heal and to offer touch, is a gift.  I never know what hat I might wear on any given day. It is a big challenge  to guide women inwards to find healing, but so rewarding when she gets there.


It is all worth it! I feel a sense of pride as an educator and coach, when I hear women say to me “ I feel like I can breath better”, and she can, or “You changed my life, I feel stronger than ever”, and she is. Last week, I ran into a client from years ago,  she stopped me, telling how my teachings have helped her reclaim her body. She no longer felt pregnant years after giving birth, and she no longer was worried she would pee her pants every time she jumped or sneezed.

My work has helped women connect to their inner power, as well as helped me to stay deeply committed to being in my power. It is wonderful gift, my work. 

If you would like to give yourself this gift as well, please send me a message, or book a 15 min. Complimentary discovery call. 

www.wisewomanfitness.com or renee@wisewomanfitness.com  


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