The ability to ‘Breathe Better’ is TRANSFORMATIONAL to our wellbeing

I love supporting women in finding a connection to their bodies. The first thing I do when working with a woman, is to see her as a whole person, listen to her story, talk about her stress and check her breathing! After that, we get moving.

The breath is the starting point and the relief of back ache, core disconnection and pelvic floor dysfunction the end. 

The ability to ‘Breathe Better’ is TRANSFORMATIONAL to our wellbeing. WE CAN change both our minds and bodies when we change how we breathe.

Back pain and pelvic dysfunction, as well as diastasis, can be worsened, if not be the cause of less than optimal breathing. When diaphragmatic function is compromised, every system in the body can be affected – from foggy thinking and decreased stress management to back pain to bladder leakage, prolapse and constipation…essentially our capacity to move happily through the world can be challenged.

coaching by Renee Casselman

The good news is that I have a toolbox to help my clients breathe, move and live better!! If you understand where the diaphragm is, how it works  and how it can be impaired…you’re halfway there. The other half of the journey is having a toolbox of manual therapy strategies, corrective exercise prescriptions and a plan for integrating good diaphragmatic functionality, initially with the pelvic floor and abdominals and ultimately with the whole body.

Whether your back is a constant issue, coming from lifting heavy weight, or even your children, or if it is a result of pelvic floor dysfunction or core disconnection, learning to train your breath to movement, will offer support towards your healing.

For more information or to book a Breathe Better session, visit:

It is my honour to support and empower every woman to live in  their bodies with ease, comfort and connectivity. It all starts with breath.



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