Regular massage/mobility, is the same as getting regular car checkups

The moment a red light lights up in your car, all alarm bells go off. You wonder what exactly is wrong and whether there is now an unsafe situation. In real life it works exactly the same with your body. Everyone has to deal with alarm signals from the body from time to time. Think of pain in your back or in your shoulders. Or in one of the many other parts of the body.

Why your car and your body need the same approach

So, taking care of your body shows similarities with car maintenance.

Suppose you ignore a red light in your car. After a while, an extra red light will appear. A broken or underperforming car part leads to an imbalance in the car. Other parts have to endure more and also break faster. Before you know it, countless red lights will start flashing simultaneously.

In your body you see that this works in the same way. For example, if you have a pain in your left shoulder, you most likely go harder on your right shoulder. The right sight of your body then suddenly has to increase its effort. Once again a kind of imbalance arises. One ‘red light’ will quickly cause more discomfort.

All in all, this means that it is important to intervene in time. To be quick with it and take the sudden aches and pains in your body extremely serious.

The importance of regular massages and mobility exercises

massage back by renee

As a specialized massage therapist, I know better than anyone how regular massages and mobility exercises ensure an optimal condition of the body. This has to do with a number of things:

  • Ensuring that muscles and connective tissue are in the right place: It is crucial for the human body that muscles and connective tissue are in the right place. When this is not the case, it causes discomfort. If you pay too little attention to this yourself, a regular massage offers a solution. In combination with the mobility exercises, the body remains in balance. All parts are located in the specific location in the body where they have the greatest positive effect.
  • Optimizing movement mechanisms in the body: In addition, optimizing the movement mechanisms in the body is also an important result of regular massages and mobility exercises. By undergoing certain treatments under supervision, you will soon notice that you become more flexible. The right moves are a lot easier to make. As a result, its much less like you are being ‘forced’ to adjust your movements. For example, as a result of a pain caused by a stuck muscle.
  • Facilitates the healing process: Finally, regular massages and mobility exercises help to intervene more quickly in case of problems. When you let it get to the point where all the ‘red lights’ go off, it’s hard to pinpoint what the underlying problem was. So where exactly it all started. Rapid intervention is required to make the healing process as fast and smooth as possible. Thanks to a specialist, you will find out at an early stage what the bottleneck is. We will then immediately adjust your treatment accordingly. You will quickly feel like your old self again.

Working on your own muscles, connective tissue and movement techniques

Are you or do you know someone who also has to deal with such problems? For example, a painful back, neck or shoulder? Or recurring aches and pains in other parts of the body? Then it certainly doesn’t hurt to intervene quickly.

As a massage therapist I make sure that your body always moves the way it is intended to. As smooth, comfortable and pain-free as possible. With a broad knowledge of massage techniques and mobility exercises, there are countless ways to improve. Contact us now for a first appointment!

Regular massage/mobility, is the same as getting regular car checkups


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