The Power of the Pelvic Floor Muscles



Training the pelvic floor just got ore interesting
Training the pelvic floor just got more interesting.

Before you can train your pelvic floor, you have to know what muscles to connect to.  Think about it for a moment, when you think of your pelvic floor muscles, do you even know where to find them, or how to use them? I love this area. This area is so strong and can be a major support when you move, dance, jump and sneeze. When you move from my pelvic floor muscles, you can really  feel your power and strength.

It was not util I learned how to connect to these muscles, or how to use them to support my movement, that I no longer leaked in my pants after having my daughter. I had never been able to access my core muscles before my pregnancy, and that remained so after. I was determined to learn more about these beautiful muscles and how I could learn to train them. I found help by Jenny Burrell’s , Holistic Core restore Program

Now, 8 years later,  now being a holistic core restore trainer, I get to teach other women, how to be stronger and more in control of their bodies. Through the eduction and movement prescriptions of my holistic core restore program.  Any other muscle in the body gets attention, training and stands centre stage for being strong and beautiful in shape, so why not the pelvic floor muscles. In my 25 years of training and sporting, both as an amateur and competitively, I have never felt the synergy,  that the deep connection of my deeper core and pelvic floor muscles bring to me. . It is time to learn where some of our strongest muscles are and how to heal, strengthen and use them .

If you are intrigued and would like your pelvic floor muscles to come alive and work for you, join me for a discovery call, online or in person. It is training for every age and every stage of life, whether you are a new mother, have older children or are in menopause and need support.


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