What does a pelvic floor personal trainer do?

One ladies, I am going to keep it simple and to the point, a pelvic floor trainer, is a personal trainer, who specialises in your pelvic floor muscles. Some trainers specialise, and that is what I did, devoting myself to helping women train their pelvic floor.

You might ask, what can I expect from my personal trainer, who is an expert of the muscles in my pelvic floor? The simple answer is, you will learn to breath from your core, into your pelvic floor. You will learn to use the muscles of pelvis to lift weights, babies and to play sports. You will learn to relax tight pelvic floor muscles, through movement and breathing. https://wisewomanfitness.com/holistic-core-restore/

Your pelvic floor muscles are amazing, and very strong, and when you properly connect and use them to move, you are very powerful and have less pain in your body. The pelvic floor is not a muscles that you squeeze and release to tighten it after birth, every women, no matter what age and stage of life, needs to be train this powerful and very useful set of muscles.

I am passionate about these muscle groups, running from the backside of our pelvis to the top of our rib cage. When we connect and link these parts of our body, we can move with strength, intention and confidence.

Training the pelvic floor just got ore interesting

Who are the women who come to me. Mostly, I see women who have tried doctors and physio therapist for pain in the back, with little relief. I see women, who have pelvic floor weakness after giving birth, often leaking or urinating when sneezing or coughing. Many women come to me wanting to know why they still look pregnant many years after giving birth, and the list goes on.

You are not alone.

A qualified personal trainer can help you with your concerns and help you in discussing sometimes uncomfortable. If you want to know if you could benefit from a conversation with me, send me a message.

You are not alone.


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