Connecting to your pelvic floor is connecting you to your inner warrior.

Many years ago, after my daughter was born, I experienced my first intimate relationship with my pelvic floor. Before having a baby, I had not idea that my pelvic floor was key to my feeling whole and very powerful. It was only after my pelvic floor was, literally a vessel for life, that took another look.

Once my daughter came, I realised I had never really though about this area before, which is funny, because it is where we women begin our journey as women. We bleed, then we have sexual experiences, all having to do with this area. So why had I never really thought of my pelvic floor before. After deep reflection, I could see how this area had been associated with, well, discomfort, even pain, as well as pleasure, a bit of a love hate relationship.

Witnessing first hand the mighty warrior that I had became, using sounds and breath like a dragon, I became aware that I had power, and that power had a deep well that could be accessed when I needed it. The challenge was how I could reconnect to that same fierce energy after all that damage from my birth.

I had a lot to repair, as most women do after giving birth. I had diastases, that is where the belly muscles separated and did not naturally come back together on their own. My back hurt more than it had due to this physical change, and to add to it, I had a minor bladder prolapse, scar tissue that was unseen in ultrasounds and a baby that was 9 pounds. I felt a disconnect from my pelvic floor and it was not until I really consciously and holistically reconnected to my body after birth that I regained the feeling of my lower body and upper body being a whole unit.

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I spent 2 years training, connecting, visualising, breathing and making sounds to reconnect and heal my pelvic floor.  One day,  I could move like the warrior again, feeling like my strength began to come from deep within,  no longer from my arms and legs. Now, 8 years later, I  move more fierce than ever, with better connection and with much deeper strength. My pelvic floor and the birth of my daughter, offered me the very valuable teaching, that I am a warrior and so are you.

My years of reconnecting, training and finding that unique way to uniting myself back with that strength, has led me to coaching hundreds of women intentionally, as a holistic core restore coach and trainer. If you want to reconnect and repair, but feel like this is a very uncomfortable conversation, or perhaps you do not even know where your pelvic floor is, let us come together, and ill meet you at your comfort level and from there, we can awaken the warrior that is deep inside you.



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