What does a pelvic floor personal trainer do?

One ladies, I am going to keep it simple and to the point, a pelvic floor trainer, is a personal trainer, who specialises in your pelvic floor muscles. Some trainers specialise, and that is what I did, devoting myself to helping women train their pelvic floor. You might ask, what can I expect from my […]

Connecting to your pelvic floor is connecting you to your inner warrior.

Many years ago, after my daughter was born, I experienced my first intimate relationship with my pelvic floor. Before having a baby, I had not idea that my pelvic floor was key to my feeling whole and very powerful. It was only after my pelvic floor was, literally a vessel for life, that took another […]

The Power of the Pelvic Floor Muscles

    Before you can train your pelvic floor, you have to know what muscles to connect to.  Think about it for a moment, when you think of your pelvic floor muscles, do you even know where to find them, or how to use them? I love this area. This area is so strong and […]

Where is my core?

Let’s get educated ladies. We have a source of power and I want to help you get connected to it….. Why are women complaining of backaches, loss of urine, feeling unstable in the pelvic floor, unable to move properly?  Is it mobility issues, post-natal pains, or pelvic floor and core issues? The answer lies somewhere […]

The ability to ‘Breathe Better’ is TRANSFORMATIONAL to our wellbeing

I love supporting women in finding a connection to their bodies. The first thing I do when working with a woman, is to see her as a whole person, listen to her story, talk about her stress and check her breathing! After that, we get moving. The breath is the starting point and the relief […]