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Renee and Ursula
About us
Renee Casselman (1977)

Some years ago, my family and I emigrated from America to Groningen. I love being part of the EkoWellness team; I have found a place that I can call home. 

Ekowellness’ vision is a reflection of my own values and norms: seeing you as a whole, taking time for you so that you feel at home too with us. I enjoy the beautiful, natural and sustainable products that we use. 

I offer both relaxing and therapeutic massages.

I am a certified massage therapist and I trained internationally.

Are you interested in a sports massage, body massage, pregnancy massage, body shaping, Ayurvedic massage, cupping massage, or simply a relaxing massage? Then book your massage with me!

I also offer treatment for stretch marks and scars after a C-section.

I am a Personal Trainer with a focus on working with the pelvic floor (Holistic Core Restore coach).

Curious? Please look around on my website!

About us
Ursula Ebeling (1976)

It is my passion to connect the inner with the outer in a human being. Feet tell stories and so do the face and the body. Caring for yourself, with love both for the inner you and the outer you, is essential. Your body is the temple of your soul. We ourselves are a little bit of nature: our body possesses this amazing quality of healing itself and nature provides incredible ingredients to do so. For my salon I have selected products that deliver results and that support my vision. 

I started a pedicure company called FeetSpirit in 2006,  specialising in diabetic and rheumatic feet, as well as feet reflexology. In 2011 I started SkinPower, a beauty salon that also focused on natural and preferably organic products. In 2013 I decided to transform both companies into EkoWellness.

I believe that you can be beautiful on the inside and on the outside every day. Taking care of yourself by eating good food, exercising, relaxing, sleeping well and using the right skin care.  And wow, the unique connective tissue massages that really lift your face and slow down the ageing process! 

Allow yourself to be the most beautiful version of yourself!



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