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Wise Woman Fitness

A whole body approach to pelvic floor health and function
About me

Hi I’m Renee!

I am Wise Woman Fitness, My passion is enabling women, through self exploration, education and personalised instructions, to move and feel confidently supported, from the pelvic floor.

My holistic method combines exercise & movement, specialist massage, breath work and mindset to help you function at your best inside your body and throughout your life.

This programme aims to help you manage/resolve symptoms of pelvic floor issues, so that you can move and exercise with confidence and move more pain free through life. 

My focus is on educating and empowering women, building communities, addressing the concerns that are not commonly talked about, and on providing the space and place for reconnecting .

If I am unable to support your needs, I will provide resources that provide you with practical joined up solutions that get results. 

Please feel free to book an appointment for a complimentary conversation with me, to discuss how I can support you on your pelvic floor journey



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